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The name, "Light of the East" or "Higashi no Hikari":

"Higashi no Hikari" which means "Light of the East" is a name of a newsletter which was printed and sent by postal mail.

It was conceived from the name, "Star of the West", the periodical published in the United States, which played an extremely important role in the history of the Baha'i Faith. "East" because Tokyo and Japan are in the East. The capital and the country are at the farthest east seen from the birthplace of the Baha'i Faith, Persia (now Iran), as well.

The printed "Higashi no Hikari/Light of the East" was started in the wards in Tokyo where there were relatively many believers and where the institution functioned around 1964-65 and was sent out to its suburban area to inform of Baha'i activities. The webmaster has received the printed newsletter from some twenty years ago. Editors changed from time to time, and publication stopped and resumed intermittently. It was not being issued in 1999 when this on-line version was started. The blue logo which says "̌/Light of the East" on top of this page was given from the last person who served as an editor then.

On-line version of "Higashi no Hikari/Light of the East", this web site, was started with the lists of the up-coming events only, and more contents were added to be of use and enjoyment for the Baha'is in Kanto Region and the rest of the country and overseas. The site is also intended to acquaint the people in general of the Baha'i community.


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