Way to get to Tokyo Baha'i Center
Bus from West Exit of Shinjuku Station and a five-minute walk

Japanese version


Just an endeavor to assist you in case you feel insecure about getting to a new place by yourself by public transportation.

[1] If you are taking JR Yamanote line in direction from Shinagawa, it will look like this when you get off the train at Shinjuku Station.
[2-4] You should look for the sign that leads you to the West Exist.
[4] You go through and out the machine by giving your ticket away. (You are now underground.)

1 @2 @3 @4 @

[5] You will take a bus now. The bus stop is located in front of a building called "Odakyu Halc" (pronounced "odakyU haruku"). It is one of the number of buildings of Odakyu Department Store. Picture 5 shows a sign that leads you to Odakyu Halc.


There are different ways to get to the bus stop. It should be easier to get there by going up to the ground floor first. It should take five minutes after you give your ticket away to the bus stop if everything goes smoothly.

[6-9] After you give your ticket away, you walk straight for thirty meters or so and see an escalator on your right to go up to the ground level.

6 7 8 9

[10-11] At the exit of the building, you see Odakyu Halc building on your far right. Even if you do not recognize it, you can get to it while walking and viewing the following scenes...

10 @11 11A (view at night)

[12-13] You go out through the exit of picture 9 and walk to the right along the building you came out from.

12 13

[14-17] You see a pedestrians' crossing straight ahead on your left. When you cross the road, you see Odakyu Halc in front of you.

14 @15 @16 @17

[18-23] You walk forward while seeing Odakyu Halc on your right and then see the bus stop on your left. Picture 19, entrance to Odakyu Halc, will be seen on your right on the way.

18 19 20 21 22

[24-25] This is the bus stop of the bus route called uh75v or "Shuku 75". (The character for "shuku" is "juku" of "Shinjuku".) Please take this bus. It goes to “Œ‹ž—Žqˆã‘å (tOkyO joshi idai; Tokyo Women's Medical College) via ”²•Ù“V (nukebenten <place name>). Tokyo Baha'i Center is close to the intersection called "Nukebenten". Queue up in front of the sign shown in picture 25. The first three characters (from the left) in blue color says "Nukebenten". Timetable is here. (All of them in the timetable go to Nukebenten. Green: weekdays, Blue: Saturdays, Red: Sundays and holidays.)

24 25

[27-28] There are even signs on the bus, which say clearly "”²•Ù“V" "Nukebenten" in Roman alphabets.

27 28

[29-31] Nukebenten will be the sixth stop.

29 30 31

[32] The bus stops at Higashi Shinjuku Station on the subway, O-edo line, on the way. The exit/entrance of the station is seen in the picture. I hear it takes over ten minutes on foot from this station to the Baha'i Center in case you get there by subway.


[33] There are announcements made in the bus. You can also make sure that the next stop is ”²•Ù“V (Nukebenten) on the light board.


[34] This is the bus stop. You see the convenience shop, "am/pm" in front. Facing the shop, you walk to the left until you see an alley on your right hand side.


[35-36] You make a right turn at the alley on your right.
[37] After walking about 20 meters, you will see a pole with a sign that says, "Baha'i Center" both in English and Japanese.
35 36 37

[38-40] Again, make a right turn at the first alley on your right.

38 39 40

[41-42] The second building from the corner is the national Haziratu'l-Quds, usually called the "Tokyo Baha'i Center". It is in white color, and the entrance clearly shows its name in English and Japanese. Welcome!!!

41 42

[43-44] Just a few extra views of the Baha'i Center from the other side. Limited parking space on the left, facing the Center from the road.

43 44


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