An article by a Canadian pioneer to Japan, published in "Baha'i Canada"

Links to job sites for teaching English in Japan

General orientation to teaching in Japan and lots of other information:
Japan Zone - Teachings Jobs

Getting a job after being a JET
JETAA Job Guide - JET Career

Good job sites

EFL/ESL & Other Teaching Jobs in Japan

Jobs Worldwide

ELT News: The Web Site for English Teachers in Japan ("Eigo" means "English language" in Japanese.)

English Resource

O-Hayo Sensei (Literally means "Good morning, teacher." in Japanese.)

Official government site which lists all of the vacancies in Japanese universities where an official search has been announced. These are positions for all fields, not just the teaching of English. Most of the positions are advertised in Japanese, but a few are in English.

NOVA,  the language school - The webmaster met Baha'is who found a teaching position with NOVA in their own country to come to Japan

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