Way to get to Tokyo Baha'i Center
Fifteen-minute walk from a subway station; Higashi-Shinjuku Station on Oedo Line


Just an endeavor to assist you in case you feel insecure about getting to a new place by yourself by public transportation.

 1 This is where you give your ticket away. You see a map across the hall from the machines. If I use the map to show where the Baha'i Center is, it will look like the picture no. 2 on the right. 2 As you can guess from the map, the way to the Center is rather simple.
3 Please walk to the exit "A2" to go up to the ground. 4
You can use the elevator to go up if you want. 6
It looks like this when you come out to the ground (as of February 2002). 7 Walk to the left. 8 9 You keep walking along the road until you hit the intersection called "Nukebenten" <抜弁天(ぬけべんてん)>.
10 You see a fire department building across the road. You will see the following sign on the road. Keep going. 11 12 You see a convenience shop across the road. 13
You walk uphill here. (When you have climbed up, you hit the intersection "Nukebenten".) 14 15 16


The right part of the picture 18 is the intersection.
19. You see a little temple on your left as you walk.
You also see a pharmacy. 20 Please turn left when you have come to the end of the building which contains the pharmacy. 21

[22] After walking about 20 meters, you will see a pole with a sign that says, "Baha'i Center" both in English and Japanese.
22 23 24

[25-27] Please make a turn at the first alley on your right.

25 26 27

[28-29] The second building from the corner is the national Haziratu'l-Quds, usually called the "Tokyo Baha'i Center". It is in white color, and the entrance clearly shows its name in English and Japanese. Welcome!!!

28 29

[30-31] Just a few extra views of the Baha'i Center from the other side. Limited parking space on the left, facing the Center from the road.

30 31


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