Web sites on the Faith and of Baha'is in Japan

Japanese version

Jœ Official site of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Japan
(Currently available only in Japanese language)
It has variety of contents ranging from the Baha'i Teachings to state of the Baha'i world community and history of the Faith in Japan. It might not be easy to find a person who can say all this by heart. Let's let more and more people know of this site and introduce the Baha'i Faith. It will be a good idea to give away sheets with the following line printed:

Baha'i Youth Service Project

JEœ On-Line Library of the Baha'i Writings in Japanese and English (Bahafi Translation Center)

The age has arrived when anybody can read the Baha'i Writings and other books on the Faith anywhere in the world any time free of charge. This is an amazing library which offers full text of various titles. It enables you to copy such books free of charge!

JEœ Baha'i Publishing Trust Japan's On-Line Book Shop

It is always better to have a printed book in your hands to relax and enjoy reading. This site offers explanation of each title and shows the photograph of the cover. You can order the books right away.

JEœ Baha'i Marriage Desk serves the needs of the Japanese Bahafi Community in terms of marriage, especially marriage preparation.

Eœ Words and phrases in books on the Baha'i Faith can be found and located in many languages including Japanese.

JEœ Children's magazine, "Hiru no Hoshi" (meaning "Day Star")

Jœ Baha'i Institute for Human Resouce Development (B.I.D.)

Eœ Tokyo Baha'i Community

J(photos)œ Mr Yuichi Hirano in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, illustrates the Baha'is in Kagawa Prefecture.

J(photos)œ Web site of the municipality of Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, introduces "Kids Heart Kyoshitsu (class room)" as part of the lifelong learning which the City provides.

J(photos)œ Ms Hiroko Ando in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, has a photo album.

(ŽΚ^)Eœ Jana-san (Dr Janardhanan Swami Rajan) in Okayama Prefecture has a photo album.

(ŽΚ^)Eœ Mr Homayoun Reza in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, shows us photos from Baha'i gatherings in his photo album.

J(photos)œ Ms Yuki Shibata in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, runs two blogs, "Haneh" and "Himeji Baha'i Studies".

J(photos)œ Mr Jun'ichi Kishi runs a school in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

JEœ "EMI spiritual art" by Ms Emi Shigekawa from Okayama Prefecture

(ŽΚ^)Eœ Photographic art by Ms Susan Allen in Yamaguchi Prefecture: Album 1 & 2.

(ŽΚ^)Eœ Mr Bruce Haendel in Fukuoka City shows his family album.

(ŽΚ^)Eœ Mr Shannon Higgins, the photo journalist based in Tokyo

Miss Agnes Alexander, the Hand of the Cause of God, and Mrs Barbara Sims left various titles on history of the Baha'i communities in North East Asia, including Japan. You can read the text of the books on-line.

Not specifically on the Faith in Japan. A small selection out of millions of web sites on the Baha'i Faith. (Your using the key word, "Baha'i", on a search engine will lead you to a gigantic list of sites on the Faith.)

 The World Wide Web: An Ownerfs Manual for Baha'i Youth

The Baha'i World - Official Site of the Baha'i Faith



Baha'i Prayers @


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